Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Okay, Here Are The First Two Cottages, Give Me Your Opinions...

This is so much harder than you can possibly imagine. And there are so many, but I'm only going to put a post so as not to make it more confusing, and then I'll add to the list as I keep looking...

I call this
The Little Gnome Home and I am absolutely in love with it. I was smitten on sight in fact. The UP side is that it is adorable and what I wanted was an unusual house that I could make into a magical little place. The DOWNSIDE is that it is pretty small, and a little further out of town than I wanted to go, AND it will need a fair amount of work inside to make it comfortable, whimsical and so on. But if it's in good shaped, structurally sound, and just needs some inside work, could you possibly resist this one?

And then there's the one I call The Little Blue and White Cottage. It's adorable and reminds me, from the outside, of a little old schoolhouse. It's closer in but doesn't have the magical charm of
The Gnome Home.

I really need some help here, and I'd love your advice on choosing houses, adding on, etc.

The upside of this little cottage is that it is right in the little town I want to be in, but while it's cute and may be the one, it doesn't have the charm of
The Gnome Home. What do you think? I'd really like to know...

I will be anxiously awaiting your opinions, and you can just leave either or in each post. That simplifies it instead of hitting you with too many houses at once. C'mon, what do you think. I could put twinkly light all around the roof's edge to leave up year round, blue I think. I could put gnomes and elves and mermaids and all manner of things. I am going to create an English Cottage Garden all around with magic and whimsy and garden art and more.


Thanks for helping me decide!

Maitri, confused but hopeful...


  1. Well, like you, I find the gnome home completely adorable. Here are a few other things to consider that might help you decide...

    1) You can always "cute-ify" the home and make it more "gnomey". You can't, however, make it closer to the town you love. You don't want to move into your dream house and then decide it's really not your dream after all because you have to drive 12 miles for milk.

    2) In addition to considering initial fix-up costs, take a look at maintenance costs as well. Will it need more or less regular upkeep? High or low maintenance yard? Gas driving back and forth to places? Availability of the type of services you want (high speed internet, water vs. well, etc)

    3) The houses around your prospect home... good ones? Bad ones? How is the resale of the neighborhood? If you decided to sell it again would it sell well? Is it the best house on the street? The worst? In the middle? (Generally you want to be NOT the best house on the street, but a medium or lower house on a street that is improving.)

    4) If it's a place you plan to stay for a while go talk to the neighbors. That might make your decision for you in a good way or bad way.

    (That's probably way more info than you want, but I'm a Realtor, so I can't help myself!)

  2. I dont like the white one. not the right feel. the stone one is cute, has a better feel. could be better with a different roof on the front... the last one with rounded wndows is great. actually, looks a LOT seriosuly, a LOT like my cottage I am in right now. I would honestly trade or give you my little cottage knowing it's your dream, if I could. as Right now I am wanting to move too! HA HA
    good luck Maitri!
    dont rush into anything...and not if it doesnt feel right!